Frequently Asked Questions

What are Extensions in Optimizely?

With an Extension for Optimizely you get a reusable template for Optimizely X Web Experimentation and Optimizely X Web Personalization.
Once installed there is no need for support from a developer or your IT, respectively. The usage is pretty non-technical and doesn’t require any coding for editing.

How do I install an Extension?

Installing an Extension in Optimizely X is straight forward.
After purchase you will get a so called JSON-File, which is basically a formatted text file. This file has all components necessary for the Extension. To add an Extension to your Optimizely account, login and go to Implemenation > Extensions. There click Create a new Extension using JSON and paste the content of the JSON-File.
For more detailed information check out the Tutorial “How the add an Optimizely X Extension”