Tutorial Optimizey X Extension

Adding an Extension to you Optimizely X account is quite simple. There are just a few steps to install and enable it. After that procedure you can use that Optimizely X Extension in all your A/B-Tests and personalization campaigns.

The following video shows all necessary steps for the installation.

Adding an Optimizey X Extension

  1. Login in to your Optimizely X Account
  2. On the left side find and click on Implementation
  3. Click on the tab Extensions
  4. Click on the Button Create new... and choose Using JSON
  5. Open your downloaded File (i.e. “optimizely_extension_interstitial.json.txt”) and copy all (!) content to the clipboard
  6. Paste the content of the file into the text field in Optimizely
  7. Click on Create Extension
  8. In the list of extension find the nex added one, click on ... on the right and choose enable

You Extension is now installed and ready to use in A/B-Tests and your personalization efforts.